Saturday, June 9, 2012

Leaving the mainland

We're on the boat!! After a 5am start (to collect the cat, drop in on friends in Violet Town and catch up with family in Melbourne) we're finally on our way. We joined the queue nice and early and waited in the warmth of the car for an hour before boarding started. The staff were efficient and helpful and our Deluxe Cabin is perfect. I'm glad we chose to come across on the Spirit of Tasmania ~ it adds an air of excitement to the move that air travel no longer holds. The next three years will be something of a working holiday and what better way to start it than this! 

I am excited about what the next three years holds for us. We have been given a wonderful opportunity to explore Tasmania at our leisure. Previously, we had planned trips (which were all cancelled for various reasons ~ fate, as it turns out) that were to last two, maybe three, weeks. In that time, we had planned to drive around the island, briefly stopping in at places of note and meandering along a couple of 4WD tracks before heading back to real life. Now we can see it all properly and really enjoy our time.

In my 28 years I have lived in Victoria (21 years), remote central Australia (2 months), Darwin (3 years) and NSW (3 years). I have travelled across much more of this fabulous country and overseas to Europe and Asia. But I have never ~ not once ~ crossed the Bass Strait. As of tomorrow morning when we dock at Devonport and disembark the Spirit of Tasmania (at a crazy 6am!!) I will have visited each Australian State and Territory. I really enjoy seeing this amazing country that is my home.

For now, it sounds as though we're about to head off and there's a glass of red wine calling my name ... Catch you later x

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