Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A lot can happen in a week ...

Our first full week in Tassie, and what a week it's been! In some ways it feels as though we only just arrived and in others it seems like we've been here for months. I'm completely in love with Tasmania and never want to leave. Hubby is not quite as excitable as I am, but he seems to be pretty happy too.

A fair chunk of our time so far has been dedicated to finding a place to call home ~ the hotel just doesn't cut it anymore. I've found it harder than I expected given the rental market here is rather slow. Unfortunately, we're a bit fussy and it's proven difficult to find somewhere with enough bedrooms, storage space, two bathrooms (that don't still have a toilet from the 1800's) and a landlord willing to let us bring the cat. Originally we wanted to be in the CBD so we were walking distance to everything, but after a week of disappointments we've had to reconsider. I conducted a quick Twitter poll and heard good things from people on the city side of the bridge and from people on the airport side. I concluded that Tasmanian's feel very strongly about which side of the bridge is best and that we need to pick a side, love it and share that love with everyone else. So we're thinking about the other side of the bridge now ... Don't worry Tasmanian's ~ we'll make up our mind soon and become passionate about our choice!

We had a very enjoyable first weekend. It started with a trip to the Salamanca Markets on a very cold Saturday morning. It wasn't cold enough to keep people away though ~ we wandered the markets with what seemed like everyone in Hobart! The markets are clearly a popular destination for tourists and locals alike, and I could see why. An interesting array of goods are for sale, and everything I saw was quality. Those who know me will attest to my love of Darwin, but I thought the Salamanca Markets were better even than Darwin's famous Mindil Beach Sunset Markets (although the warmth and the sun would have been nice additions to Salamanca on Saturday). I managed to find items for all the birthday and Christmas presents we need to buy over the next 12 months ... I just hope the stallholders don't change before I get around to purchasing everything on my list!! As we're still in no man's land, we didn't really buy anything although we saw plenty we liked and we will return once we have a home to clutter. The Salamanca Markets are also at the top of my list of places to take the family and friends who have promised to visit.

After a quiet Saturday night in, we set off shopping on Sunday morning only to find that apparently Sunday trading is optional in Hobart and most stores opt out. So we visited the stores that were open, window shopped at the ones that were closed and decided to head back during the week (I may have made plans to fly to Melbourne for a shopping spree with Mama ...).

The view from a look out at South Arm

On Sunday afternoon, hubby suggested we go for a drive ~ destination unknown ~ so we piled into the 4WD and set off. We stopped in at Seven Mile Beach which is about 15 minutes from Hobart. It seemed to be a mix of old beach shacks and brand new architecturally designed houses I would happily have sold my grandmother for (sorry Nan!). It was raining by the time we arrived and the sky was quite dark. I managed to get a few photos, although I'll have to go back on a sunny day and take some more.

We weren't ready to head back so we continued along the road to South Arm and Opossum Bay. The drive was very scenic ~ plenty of water and beautiful houses to look at. The view back across to Hobart from Opossum Bay was very impressive. Somewhere not too far out of Seven Mile Beach we drove past an animal that I swear looked just like a Wooly Mammoth!! I am going back for a photograph of him!

The jetty at Opossum Bay

This morning I was woken up by hubby calling me from the office to tell me I had to get out of bed ~ there was snow on Mount Wellington!! I was so excited I jumped up, grabbed my camera and stepped out onto the balcony (ignoring my fear of heights) to take a photo of the snow. I think next time I'll have to make a bit more of an effort and go somewhere with a clearer view, however it was cold and I didn't really want to leave the warmth of the hotel.

Mount Wellington from our hotel balcony


  1. Great blog Carly. I have fond memories of my two trips to Tasmania. It is a great place and can't wait to go again. Hope you find your own place soon.