Monday, June 25, 2012

Settling in

Two weeks in and Tasmania is really starting to feel like home. Our second fabulous weekend started with us signing the lease for a gorgeous place in Bellerive ~ right near the centre of Bellerive Village and walking distance to a decent sized shopping centre. Plus there's a fresh seafood van just down the street! I'm looking forward to cooking in a full sized kitchen again ... scones with locally made jam and cream are first on the menu.

I now know my way around the city and I'm slowly learning how to navigate the one way streets. I even drove over the Tasman Bridge ~ a terrifying experience that I will likely need to repeat twice daily once someone employs me. The major downside to choosing to live on the other side of the Derwent River. However, after much searching, we didn't find anything in the Hobart CBD that excited us (and had two off street carparks) so we decided to look further afield and are very happy with the townhouse that will hopefully be home for the next three years.

Our fabulous weekend continued with a visit to the Salamanca Markets ~ yes, again! But this time I shopped. Award winning local jams, Tasmanian sassafras timber coasters, a retro print and plenty of handmade soaps. Hubby even got in on the act, buying himself a new beannie (the one he's been wearing was a present from his Dad years ago and has been so well loved it has holes in it ~ I think it was time for a new one!).
Tasmanian Sassafras Coasters

While perusing the markets, we noticed a little courtyard through a gap between buildings and ducked in for a squizz. It was Salamanca Place, with cafes and restaurants and a couple of shops. It was also full of people and somewhere we'll be heading back to for afternoon drinks. Since it was so cold ~ snow on the mountain cold ~ and Kathmandu were having a massive sale, we popped in and tried on duck down jackets. They're just like being wrapped up in your doona! Sadly, the black jackets were sold out so we braved the cold once more and rejoined the markets.

After returning to our hotel room so hubby could read the paper, we embarked on a mini road trip up Mount Wellington to see the snow. Never having seen snow before, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I certainly didn't think we would be able to drive all the way to the top of the mountain and play in the snow! As we drove along the snow lined road I was grinning like an idiot. The snow was so beautiful and magical and fluffy. At the top, I enthusiastically jumped out of the car, only to have the door blown open by the wind hurtling across the mountain. After two seconds standing in the full force of the wind, I was icy cold all the way through. I couldn't breathe, let alone speak. But it was still magnificent. I managed to pry my hands out of my coat pockets long enough to take a couple of photos, step in the snow and marvel at the view. Next time, I'll be better prepared for the snow .. by wearing 15 layers of clothing, three beannies, ear muffs, gumboots and a couple of scarves!!

Snow on the top of Mount Wellington ~ beautiful!

Sunday started as all Sunday's should ~ with a sleep in and late breakfast. This was followed by a leisurely drive to the Coal Valley wine region. We stopped in at Puddleduck Winery ~ a little boutique vineyard just shy of Richmond. I sampled the Pinot Noir while hubby had a look around and we were both well entertained by the antics of a gorgeous Corgi pup. We continued on to Richmond, a quaint town with plenty of antique and bric~a~brac shops. If you're looking for chandeliers, Richmond is a must. I was mentally ripping off our roof back home and working out how we could increase the ceiling height to let me have a chandelier in the bathroom ...  

Clock tower in Richmond

We finished off our Sunday drive with a very late lunch at Three Peaks Cafe in Sorell where the customer service was exceptional and the food tasty. With full bellies, we traipsed back to the hotel and proceeded to crash in front of the television for a quiet night in to recover from a packed weekend.

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