Tuesday, June 12, 2012

We're here!!

My feet are on Tasmanian soil! After weeks of planning and preparing, we're finally here in Tasmania! What a crazy lead up ~ resigning from my job, renting out our house, packing, cleaning, traipsing down to Melbourne and finally getting the boat across to Devonport.

But it was all worth it. Everything I have seen so far has been fabulous. It was a lovely drive from Devonport to Hobart (via Launceston, Latrobe, Ross and a handful of other towns hubby decided to detour through) and Hobart itself is beautiful. It's full of restored historic buildings ~ the juxtaposition of old and new is really interesting. There are so many things in Hobart that remind me of Melbourne 20 years ago ... it brings back memories of my childhood I had forgotten. Don't get me wrong, Hobart has plenty of modern touches and it is by no means backward. It's just nice ~ in a romantic sort of way ~ to be reminded of what shopping was like before Chadstone Shopping Centre found steroids.

My excitement and enthusiasm may be colouring my glasses rose, but I honestly think I have fallen in love with Tassie already. Yesterday ~ our first full day in Hobart ~ we went for a wander through Salamanca, Battery Point, West Hobart and the City. I couldn't believe how big and busy the city is. There is so much to do and see in Hobart ~ it's not going to be hard to find great places to take the many visitors we're expecting!

Salamanca was everything I expected and more. The cafe strip with outdoor tables (and plenty of heating) has a lovely atmosphere and I can see us spending a bit of time there ~ especially in the warmer months.

Today I shopped up a storm getting job interview appropriate attire to assist me in my endeavours to find gainful employment. Hobart has all my favourite shops (Portman's, Sportsgirl, Sandler, Myer) and I managed to find everything I was looking for. The most important item being comfortable flat shoes for all the walking around the city we seem to be doing!

We also walked/drove by all the rental properties on our shortlist and had high hopes for one in West Hobart which was only a few minutes from the city ... until we saw it this afternoon and agreed instantly that it was not quite what we were looking for. We have a couple more places to look at tomorrow and the day after ~ fingers  crossed one of them pans out. I'm looking forward to having a place to call home.

For those thinking about coming across to Tassie on the Spirit of Tasmania, I thought I might let you know a bit about our trip over. As I mentioned in my previous post, the staff were very pleasant and helpful and everything runs pretty efficiently. However, be prepared for a fair bit of waiting around between checking in with your car and boarding, which I expect would be difficult if travelling with young children. Also, once you've boarded, you need to move pretty quickly ~ lots of people are moving around the boat as everyone boards and finds their cabin and the corridors are quite narrow.

Once on the boat there are a couple of options for dinner ~ The Leatherwood Restaurant (very nice, a little bit pricey) and The Captain's Table which is buffet style. We decided to eat at The Leatherwood Restaurant to make the most of the experience (we probably won't get the boat again until we leave Tasmania) and we were very happy with the food and the service.

In terms of accommodation, again you have a couple of options. We had a Deluxe Cabin which was very nice. There are Twin Cabins and cabins with two bunk beds in them (ideal for families) or Ocean Recliners which are similar to airplane seats and located at the back of the boat. I would strongly recommend a cabin. During the night, the boat was moving around a lot and I had trouble walking. Being able to lie down in a comfortable bed and sleep made the trip seem a lot quicker than if I'd been sitting up. Also, a hot shower in the morning was nice, especially as we were woken just after 5am so we would be ready to disembark at 6am. Again, disembarking took awhile and this is something to keep in mind if travelling with kids.

All up, it was a great experience coming across on the boat and I would happily recommend it to anyone.

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