Thursday, January 3, 2013

We're expecting a mini camper!

No, that's not a camper trailer. We have a bub on the way!! After years and much heartache, we're finally starting our family. Unfortunately pregnancy kept me from camping for awhile - I was so sick for about three months that all I did was work and lie on the couch. Hubby went out exploring on his lonesome a bit, checking out places he thought I might like and crossing a few I definitely wouldn't off his list.

Thanks to hubby's recon trips, we had a great couple of days visiting places along the north east coast, across to Launceston. Quite a few were definitely spots to return to in quieter times (outside school holidays). I absolutely loved Bridport, although the caravan park was completely chokkas when we pulled in. The town reminds me of Lorne in Victoria - trendy, with enough shops that you don't need to be overly prepared for a weekend away.

For our first night camping in a long time, we stayed at the Big 4 at St Helens. It's a pretty decent caravan park, with plenty of space for unpowered sites. The town is probably the major town servicing surrounding communities for quite a distance, so it really has everything you could need. And it's only about 2 kilometres from the caravan park.

The reason for staying at St Helens was so I could see the Bay of Fires - something I had been desperate to see since coming across a photo online that I thought was from a tropical island somewhere. I was not disappointed by the reality either. It's a beautiful beach with white sand that squeaks when you walk and crystal clear aqua water. And I didn't find the water any colder than Melbourne beaches, so I think swimming is definitely on the cards when we do a proper weekend there.

Just like a Thailand beach ... only it's Tassie!
View of Bay of fires from the carpark
Crystal clear water and perfect white sand.
After the Bay of Fires we continued on across the eastern corner of Tassie to the northern coast where we came across Tomohawk. The sign at the turnoff claims it's Tasmania's biggest secret - a pretty big call, I thought. However, once we got to the beach, I decided they weren't kidding. The beach is amazing and there was hardly anyone there. The caravan park looked decent and definitely not overcroweded. The part that really stood out to us was the fancy foot bridge that had been constructed over a rivulet across to the main beach. In the middle of nowhere. It was only early morning when we were there, and not quite warm enough to tempt me into the water, but it was another perfect swimming beach. I'm thinking this one will be a good babymoon destination.

Tomohawk Beach - Gorgeous.
After Tomohawk and a stop at Bridport, we moseyed along to Low Head just past George Town. We had planned to stay at the caravan park there, but it looked less appealing than one we'd stayed at in Coober Pedy, so we ventured back down the road and across the Batman Bridge where there are plenty of lovely caravan parks. We stayed at Kelso, but checked out Greens Beach and Beauty Point as well and decided they were worth coming back for.

Our New Year's Eve accommodation - keeping it simple :)
All up, we covered a lot of ground and flew through places we'll have to go back to and leisurely explore. I had been starting to feel a bit disappointed with Tasmania. Hobart is great, but people had talked up the rest of Tassie so much I was feeling let down. The parts I'd seen weren't living up to my (rather high) expectations. Of course, pregnancy hormones haven't been helping much! But after travelling around the coast, I fell in love all over again. The beaches are amazing, and I plan to spend much more time enjoying them.

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