Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Australia Day in Tasmania (yes, I'm a bit late!)

I've been meaning to write this post for quite awhile now ... a whole month, in fact. But life has this habit of getting in the way of me turning my computer on, and I prefer not to write a blog post on my phone. I've decided to give it a crack this time, or I'll never get this post out!

So, hubby and I decided to stay in Tassie for Australia Day this year, and our very good friends C & S decided to pop across for a visit with miss 3 and mr 1. It was a great weekend, even if the weather did conspire against us.

Our visitors arrived on Thursday morning bright and early. There's nothing like a gorgeous 3 year old running at you full tilt with a gigantic grin to start your day. After the airport pick up, I went to work for the day and left them to their own devices. They discovered the Cadbury Factory and Cygnet. When we caught up that night, they couldn't stop raving about their lunch at the Red Velvet Lounge (one of my favourites), the chocolates at Cygneture Chocolates and the butcher.

Friday was spent at Bruny Island. Having been before, I wasn't too fussed about preparing for the trip. Turns out, I should have paid more attention. When we got to Kettering we were told the ferry was running to demand, rather than the advertised timetable. So there we were, rain pouring down and two littlies stuck in the car for an extra 45 minutes. Bit of a stressful start, but nothing like the finish. After driving around the island, we headed off to the lighthouse. Halfway there, the driver (C) thought to check the petrol gauge. Turns out he was so used to long range fuel tanks he forgot to check to see if we had enough petrol. Ooops! We kept heading to the lighthouse, planning to go straight to Alonnah to fill up afterwards. Only, we got to Alonnah to be told they don't have fuel anymore and we had to go to Adventure Bay. The car was telling us we had 13k's to go before we were out of fuel. C and I thought it was great fun. S wasn't so thrilled! We ended up making it to Adventure Bay with 7k's left!!

Saturday we visited the Salamanca Markets. C's favourite stall was the retro fudge stand. Miss 3 thought it was pretty great too! In fact, the fudge was so good, I have to stop by and pick up some more to take to Melbourne for C next time I visit!

The Sandy Bay Regatta was also on Saturday, so we popped in there for a bit. The kids loved the playground, and miss 3 had her face painted. After a BBQ lunch, we all headed home for a nap ... Minus hubby who decided to throw a world class temper tantrum seconds after arriving at Sandy Bay. So we left him to walk home.

To finish off the trip, we spent Sunday at Port Arthur. It would have been much nicer if the rain had stopped a lot earlier. Although miss 3 had a ball jumping in puddles and running around in the rain.

It was interesting, and worth a look. Decent value for hubby and I because we can go back as many times as we want to over the next two years. Bit on the expensive side for visitors. But the boys seemed to enjoy it. Hubby and C wandered off to explore while S and I kept the kids entertained and dry. Luckily the sun came out so we made the most of all the open space and played hide and seek with miss 3 and spun in circles until she fell over :)

All up, as always, it was a great weekend because it was spent with amazing people. I do think Tassie tourist attractions could improve their 'kid-friendliness', but we managed and the kids seemed to have fun. And I'll know for next time to plan some wet weather alternatives!

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