Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Missing Tassie

I'm in Melbourne at the moment ~ here to give birth to our baby girl (hopefully any day now). It was a choice I made because my family and friends are here, but it has meant spending six weeks before the birth away from Tassie and my husband. Plus another six weeks afterwards before we head back. So, as you can imagine, I'm missing my Tassie 'home'.
I didn't realise how accustomed I had become to the lack of traffic, living by the beach and polite, considerate drivers until I spent an extended period of time back in Melbourne!
I absolutely love Bellerive. Especially since the Retro Fudge Bar moved in recently. The village has all the shops you need ~ bakery, chemist, post office and newsagent, plenty of takeaway options and restaurants, a sewing shop, cake decorating shop and a beautiful gift shop. There's even a little supermarket around the corner. And of course there's Eastlands at Rosny Park just a few minute's walk. I'm really excited about being a stay at home mum there. I'll be able to do pretty much everything locally.
I'll also be able to take bub to the beach and the playground. Looking forward to feeding the ducks with her!
I've come to realise that living on an island is not for me ~ no matter how big that island may be. I'm happy to stay out the three years, but I am glad that we are returning to the mainland. However, I also think that returning to Melbourne on a permanent basis is also not for me. The traffic alone puts me off. If I was to return, it would be after I had won Tattslotto and could afford to live on the Mornington Peninsula without having to commute!
So at this stage, I am not sure where our permanent home after Tasmania will be. And until I know, I plan to make the most of Tasmania. If anyone can reccommend child friendly camping destinations, please let me know. Once the warmer weather arrives, hubby wants to head off and show bub all of Tassie!
I'm rather looking forward to the end of July and our trip across the Tasman as a family to return to our home.   

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