Thursday, October 24, 2013

Exploring the Apple Isle with the Little Chicken

Wow! Who knew having a baby would take up every moment of every day!! We've never had so little free time. But we've also never had such good incentive to get out and about. We want our 'little chicken' ~ as she was somehow named on day one ~ to grow up with our love of this beautiful country, camping and 4WDing.

Our first trek as a family was the boat crossing from Melbourne back to Tassie. The little chicken was a dream and all went smoothly. Feeling confident after that experience, we set of for Launceston for a couple of nights in a hotel thanks to a great deal. Things did not go quite as smoothly this time. The little chicken travelled well but decided to reinstate the night time screaming we thought she had well and truly outgrown. I feel very sorry for whoever was staying in the room next to us! As daytime was issue free, we made the most of it. The morning had us at the National Automobile Museum for its annual open day (free entry, lots of classics on show in the car park & a Lions Club sausage sizzle).

We also checked out Cataract Gorge. The north of the state had experienced torrential downpours and flooding just prior to our visit so the water was flowing at a fair clip. Very impressive and a bit frightening walking over a suspension bridge watching it rush by below. Gorgeous scenery and I'm hoping we get back in warmer weather so we can swim in the (submerged) pool I caught sight of!

After a great weekend mostly spent in the CBD of Launceston, the drive home actually had quite a lot to offer to the exploring experience. Hubby spotted a sign to Liffey Falls ~ about 50 k's out of Launceston ~ and we ducked down a narrow clay 'road' to see what the falls were like. After parking at a very nice camping / BBQ spot we trekked along a steep, windy path that followed a crystal clear river that became the beautiful Liffey Falls. Apparently the water crashing over the rocks was melted snow from Cradle Mountain.

Because I have become bored with the three main roads in Tasmania (apologies for the exaggeration Tasmanian's!) hubby suggested we head back to Hobart through Deloraine and Bothwell. We'd seen snow on mountains in the distance, and I was promised snow if we went back this way. I was not disappointed. It was magical. Snow lined the road and covered the ground around us. We jumped out for a couple of photo ops ~ even dragging bub out of her warm and comfy car seat for a quick snow bunny shot. If I had to choose the one thing I have loved most about our time in Tassie so far, it would have to be the snow. It's accessible and natural and makes me feel like a five year old child.

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