Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Leaving Home

It's time to pack our bags and head back to the mainland. It all still feels a bit surreal - nothing is booked, yet we should be on the ferry in 9 days. I can't quite believe I won't be taking in the gorgeous Mt Wellington view everyday anymore.

Tassie has been very good to us. We've had a wonderful (almost) three years here. My daughter has been very lucky to spend time here - it's just a shame she won't remember it. Oh well, I guess we will just have to come back!

We've seen so much, but certainly not everything. We didn't get around to Maria Island and there are more waterfalls we didn't see than those we did. But we covered a fair bit of this gorgeous, wild, impressive state.

We travelled up and down the East Coast a few times. It's one of my favourite places here. The views are spectacular, the food is divine and the beaches are so tempting it's easy to ignore the cold!

We've had a few trips to Launceston - hubby loves to visit the car museum and I just like to wander around town. Little miss is a fan of the monkeys at the gardens :)

The North West corner was one of the last places we visited - only aboout 6 months ago. It was everything we were promised, and then some. Rugged, stunning, remote, freezing cold! A cruise along the Arthur River left us feeling we were the only people on Earth while the walk up the Nut at Stanley reminded us Tasmania is well and truly civilised!

We recently popped back to that part of the world to drive the Road to Nowhere, Hubby was a bit excited to get the Fatman barge across the Pieman River. It cost a fortune, but little miss thought it was great fun - probably the highlight of the trip for her. I thought the Balfour Track looked like good fun and begged hubby to just go a little way along it ... he sensibly declined. There was a lot of water (which is why it looked like fun!) and he was concerned about getting stuck in the middle of nowhere with no one around. So we will be back to do that one in convoy!

There has only been one area of Tasmania I haven't loved and that's Queenstown. I really hope the plans to revitalise it as a real tourist attraction get off the ground. My memories of it are not happy ones!! Strahan on the other hand is absolutely delightful and one of the nicest places to visit in Tassie. There's plenty of accommodation, great food options and the cruise along the Gordon River is exceptional (and perhaps a touch more professional than the Arthur River cruise!).

Now we're packing up and getting organised to leave, we've run out of time to do or see anything else, and that makes me sad. I'm going home to my family for the first time in nearly 10 years and that's what I wanted. But if there had been an option to stay just a few more years, I think we would have taken it!

I am making the most of the time we have left by storing a few extra kilos thanks to the Cripps Bakery in Bellerive!! I'm going to miss that place.

But most of all, I am going to miss the lovely, lovely people. I have made some great friends here in Tassie and it will be hard to leave them behind. My little miss has some great little friends that she too is going to be sad to leave.

Still, Tassie is an easy trip from Melbourne - especially with kids. Just hop a ferry, drive straight down the highway to Hobart while said kids are sleeping and Bob's your uncle.

We will be back!

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